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Tricia Lockhart Tricia Lockhart

My long teaching career (over 33 years) is rooted in my own schooling experience. Lady Hawkins School, Kington on the English / Welsh border was full of contrasts. Founded in 1632 by Sir John Hawkins´┐Ż widow it seemed to say sorry for his fortune based in Elizabethan seafaring exploits, yet it effectively became the first comprehensive school in the area in 1962. Many teachers had that elusive love of learning and we had 6 married couples on the staff which contributed to a family atmosphere. In 1964 aged 14 an enthusiastic Maths teacher taught us computer programming and a local business donated a punchcard machine and ran our programs. My degree at Birmingham University was one of the first to include Computing, but I first taught Maths. Gradually I did more and more computing, and quite quickly realised that some of the children who liked using computers had learning difficulties or were those who I would not have expected to be interested. In particular, I recognised the creativity as well as the rigour.I used BBC B computers, oversaw the transition to a Windows based network, did the network manager role in my spare time and grew the subject as a GCSE option and later an A level. I am still an A level moderator. In the second school in which we made ICT compulsory as a GCSE we maintained a pass rate of 100% A-C with also 100% A-B and about 90% A or above. We also had 100% pass rate at A level for many years in the girls only school, and typically found if the elder daughter took ICT at A level, her sisters usually followed suit. We were one of the first schools to have ISDN (won by some year 8 students writing web pages for a Telegraph competition) and later broadband then a VLE. We also pioneered several useful tools for SEN use such as Alpasmarts and iR printers and mind mapping.I gained much insight into the scope and reality of ICT in schools during my secondment through HTI to Tesco Schoolnet 2000 and worked with a variety of pioneering and inspirational people from Stephen Heppell to my fellow advisors and the many teachers who were making a huge difference in their schools.As I step back from full time teaching, I am keen to find ways to share some of my experience and conclusions and to find ways to reduce the ever increasing teacher load and reduce some of the worst aspects of prescriptive courses. I am still doing some training of teachers and going into schools to showcase some of the exciting and motivational ways of using ICT, such as animation. Increasingly I am asked for feedback where my past experiences are relevant to new projects. I am keen to create more interactive resources for teachers to use in their teaching and to point to some of the gems I have found on the web. I would like to be able to represent the views of teachers, or satisfy their wish lists and having spent some a few years in ACITT now encourage Naace members to let me know their own perceptions of urgent educational matters.

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