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Heather McIntosh Heather McIntosh

My career in education began in 1993 when I took up my first post teaching business studies and the emerging subject IT in an inner city 11 � 16 school in London. By 1996 I was ready for a new challenge and particularly wanted experience of teaching post 16 qualification�s, with this aim in mind I applied for the post of an ICT teacher at the first 16 � 19 school, the William Morris Academy in Hammersmith, London. While in post I planned the delivery of foundation, intermediate and advanced qualifications as well as coordinating Key Skills qualifications across the college. In the last two years I took up the post of ICT Coordinator with responsibly of leading a diverse team of five. In 2001 I decided to relocate back to my home area of East Anglia. I worked for one year at a large mixed comprehensive in Cambridgeshire as Subject Leader for ICT, introducing discreet ICT at Key Stage 3 and a GCSE at Key Stage 4 as well as teaching A Level ICT and AVCE ICT. I was then given the opportunity to apply for the new post of Key Stage 3 ICT Consultant at Peterborough City Council. Through my work as a Secondary Consultant for the Secondary National Strategy I have gained a good understanding of national education priorities and have worked as part of a highly effective team in supporting school improvement through intervention. I have seen first hand through my work in the Learning and Standards team at Peterborough how targeted intervention can be used to address local priorities. My current position has evolved alongside the Key Stage 3 Strategy which is now the Secondary National Strategy for School Improvement. My wider role for ICT in Peterborough sees me attending the ICT in Schools Strategic Steering Group where my particular project is the coordination of the implications of �Harnessing Technology� this will directly contribute to the Peterborough development and action plans for these strategies. I was invited in January 2006 to take a secondment to the 14 -19 Strategy Team, leading particularly on the development of sustainable ICT systems to support collaboration and anytime learning.

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