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Richard Allen Richard Allen

My current career is IT and education centric, but until some 3 years ago involved international business management in the chemical and other hi-tech industries, in particular the international semiconductor industry. For many years I was a senior manager with a major British blue-chip materials and equipment supplier and was a frequent visitor to America and the Pacific rim countries as well as mainland Europe. I have worked with Governments and some of the largest International Companies; with individuals and groups, specialist committees and working parties; from strategy to specialist detail. During more than 10 years part-time working with the industry global trade organisation I helped develop an annual industry strategy meeting from a relatively small European event into one to match those of Japan and the USA in global importance. My strengths lie in listening, analysing, and guiding others to realise their visions, develop their strategies, and to understand how to use systems and tools to implement tactics.At the end of 2001 I left industry and embarked upon a new career in education. I work part-time as a senior lecturer in a University and Business School teaching business and MBA students subjects such as Managing and Improving Business Processes, Quality, Environmental and Supply Chain Management. In parallel with this I am an independent consultant working with schools and LEAs. As an accredited trainer I provide CPD training services on the use and implementation of VLEs and MLEs � in particular London Grid for Learning � from foundation to secondary level schools. I have personally trained more than 1000 teachers in one London LEA in the last 3 years. I work with school senior management to help them develop the use of the tools and resources for both curriculum and administration purposes. My involvement with LEA staff includes developing and implementing structures for secure paperless communication with schools, using the tools and structure of the VLE. I am a registered and active Naacemark assessor with local schools at all levels. I have research interests with the University business school and a Regional Development Agency which will involve piloting a Virtual Enterprise Structure using some of the collaborative working tools and ICT technologies developed and being embedded through education.This mix of activities keeps me busy, but will also afford me the opportunity to commit to the demands that membership of the Naace executive committee will require. For many years as a professional engineer I have been passionate about being creative, a builder and a solution provider. Now my passions are focussed on the use of ICT in education - its transformational uses, and the wider areas into which these key tools and systems can further develop. Naace is an exciting and developing organisation which is pivotal in this area. Richard G AllenLondon

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