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Margaret Derrington Secondary Community Representative Margaret Derrington Secondary Community Representative

I started teaching Mathematics in 1994. I was particularly interested in the ways in which computers could be used to teach mathematics; games to learn and understand numbers, programming in BASIC and LOGO, investigations, logic and problem solving, word processing and spreadsheets for coursework, programs to manipulate statistics and geometrical diagrams, DERIVE for calculus and algebra at A level � eventually I began teaching IT too. As I drifted further into ICT I undertook courses in programming and some practical courses for technicians and network managers. In 2000 I took a year's sabbatical and did an MA, Computers in Education, at Kings. It was during that year of reading, research, courses and conferences that I began to see how ICT could change education completely, not just teaching and learning but every aspect of running a school. I joined several organisations, sometimes just to get access to their archives for the essays I was writing as part of my course! One of these was ACITT, the Association for ICT in Education. The following year, when I began teaching ICT in earnest as HOD and ICT coordinator in an East London secondary school, my membership of ACITT became really useful giving me access to information, resources and a band of real experts on whom I could call for help. A few years later, as ACITT's Publications Officer I was able to give something back by editing the weekly newsletter and the Journal 'Teaching ICT'. Now that ACITT has merged with Naace, I have joined the Secondary Working Group to try to ensure that the service continues and even [email protected]

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