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Harcourt Education Limited

Harcourt is the largest of the UK educational publishers and a leader in the development of electronic learning products for both primary and secondary schools.

Better known to thousands of schools and teachers through its brands Heinemann Primary, Heinemann Secondary, Heinemann Library, Ginn and Rigby.

We lead the development of �blended software� that is software designed to support leading schemes and courses used in schools; Abacus Maths, Literacy Worlds, Story Worlds, Metro Electro and Dart Maths, providing a seamless integration of ICT into the classroom. provides online content for subscribers, and CD Roms for those that don't, covering history, science and geography. A special History for Scotland module covers key historical topics in the 5-14 guidelines.

For a number of years Heinemann ICT Activity pack have provided the means and supported the integration of ICT into many secondary departments. they offer subject specific ideas and software. They are widely used in CLC�s and EAZ�s and in ICT training.

Harcourt works with LEAs to provide solutions for locally managed systems requiring CD Rom complaince checking, and offers licences for Intranet hosting of content or to access online products  

Harcourt Education Ltd is part of Reed Elsevier plc.  


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