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Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd

Toshiba � Committed to learning, committed to education

  • Freedom to learn
    Everyday, Toshiba technology is making a difference to the way we learn and teach.  For education, portable computing means personalised learning without limits.  It�s creating an exciting new world in which teachers and pupils enjoy an unprecedented freedom to learn anytime, anywhere.
    Transforming the learning process
    Raising standards, reducing exclusion and removing bureaucracy are the principal areas enhanced by portable ICT.  It creates a vibrant learning environment with highly visual, stimulating material where learners of every age, background and ability are motivated to do their best; where creativity, inclusion and participation are encouraged; and where bureaucratic tasks known to consume valuable time are removed.

Every product, service or solution within Toshiba�s education specific portfolio is designed to contribute towards there priorities, ultimately helping learners and educators fulfil their potential.

  • The technology of choice for education.
    Toshiba is one of the largest suppliers of portable computing products to the education community.  Our wireless technology encompasses state-of-the-art laptops, tablet PCs and projectors � in fact everything needed for a cable-free infrastructure.

We are a major supplier to many of Britain�s largest Local Education Authorities having so far produced over 30,000 computers for the Laptops for Teachers Initiative.

  • Collaborative and co-operative
    Our dedicated team of education advisors co-operate with educational bodies at all levels DfES, Becta, LSC, NAACE, the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, JISC, UFI, ALT NILTA as well as individual schools, colleges and universities,


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Author: Naace Office


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