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Espresso Education


Espresso Education is the leading provider of educational broadband content in the UK. With nearly 1,000 schools subscribing to its service, Espresso is a comprehensive and growing digital library of high quality, video-rich teaching resources and interactive student activities that supports teachers, motivates pupils and raises standards in primary and secondary classrooms.

Espresso combines television features, online news articles, video and audio clips, interactive activities and websites, all categorised into modules that directly support QCA and National Curriculum requirements. The service automatically updates on a weekly basis, giving teachers and pupils access to fresh, relevant resources that draw on topical events to bring learning to life.

Espresso sponsors Naace because we share a common vision for the use of technology in schools. As technology continues to pervade schools and schools continue to become more accountable for its instructional use, Espresso�s envisions that it will help make the teaching and learning experience better for all.  Our vision is to raise standards in the classroom with resources that are fun, engaging and easy-to-use yet firmly grounded in the curriculum.  Espresso aims to become the trusted provider of educational ICT resources.

Espresso is tried, true and tested by schools all over the U.K.  We would like to share one of a series of case studies highlighting schools who have successfully integrated ICT into their curriculum using Espresso. Helmdon County Primary School in Northamptonshire is an example of a school that implemented Espresso for its value for the money and ability to positively impacting achievement in its school.


Helmdon Case Study

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Espresso Education

Author: Lewis Bronze


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