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Dial Solutions Limited

Dial Solutions Ltd

Dial Solutions specialises in software for UK education. With a legacy of many of the best selling products on the Acorn platform, the company has moved on to produce educational titles for all variants of Windows and for the World Wide Web.

The Dial Solutions development team includes former teachers and advisory teachers, and the company has a long tradition of working closely with educationalists to create products which satisfy classroom requirements.

The range includes the best-selling My World family, developed in conjunction with Derbyshire Education Authority, and in use in virtually all UK primary schools. Its WWW counterpart, My World Online, is gaining in popularity by delivering the familiar My World functionality over the internet.

Oak Draw provides a simple introduction to vector graphics in the classroom, and has the advantage of being compatible with the Acorn !Draw program familiar to many UK schools.

Design and Technology Online was developed in conjunction with the NAAIDT and teachers in Yorkshire. The project shows how real interactive learning can be delivered via the internet, and is free for all to use!

First Form is a family of server side web applications providing contributory databases in order to build interactive websites. Please contact Dial Solutions to discuss your requirements.

Dial Solutions sponsors Naace as part of its wider promotion of the creative use of ICT in schools.

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Dial Solutions Limited


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