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Goal � The School Continuous Improvement (SCI) Programme
Education Development International, International House, Middlemarch Business Park, Siskin Parkway East, Coventry, CV3 4PE
Tel: 024 7651 6560  Fax: 024 7651 6559  Email:


How would you like to:
1. Improve your Ofsted performance?
2. Improve your SATS and GCSE results?
3. Enhance and monitor the progress of your pupils?
4. Deliver real-time personalised learning for your pupils?
5. Explain the gap between your pupils� ability and achievement?
6. Produce more effective lesson plans?
7. Extend learning outside of the classroom?
8. Evaluate teaching and learning methods?

The Goal SCI Programme provides you with:
1. Detailed information highlighting pupils� strengths and weaknesses, enabling personalised learning
2. Evidence of class, year group and whole school real-time achievements
3. Pupil reports, indicating the National Curriculum level a pupil is working at and where they could be in 12 months time
4. Concise presentation of topics and how they have been understood, to assist in delivering full understanding
5. Information on pupils� attitudes through Life Skills Measures
6. Class reports focussing on the whole classes understanding of specific areas
7. Information to assist you in completing your Self Evaluation Form (SEF)
8. Assessments available outside the school environment via the internet

Share in the success of hundreds of schools using Goal.

To find out more contact your regional SCI Executive who will:
� Explain how you can benefit from the SCI Programme
� Give you access to various performance management information reports
� Take a class through an assessment of your choice
� Arrange a demonstration at your school for you and your colleagues
� Set your school up with a free trial of the SCI Programme

Contact us today:
Tel: +44 (0)24 7651 6560
Fax: +44 (0)24 7651 6559

Goal is a Curriculum Online Registered Content Provider.
This means that you can spend your eLCs on the SCI Programme.


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