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Learnthings was founded in November 1999 and currently offers three key products: learnpremium and learnscotland, the e-learning subscription services as well as learnnewsdesk, our interactive daily news service for KS2&3.

Learnpremium and learnscotland provide extensive resources to support teachers and engage students.  They offer thousands of pages of resources to save teachers time in preparing lessons, help explain difficult concepts, and support revision and reinforcement.  The resources are designed for use in the classroom on a whiteboard or PC�s, and provide complete coverage of the core curriculum for either England or Scotland through more than 80,000 pages of online lessons, tests, interactive whiteboard activities and more.

Learnnewsdesk integrates current affairs with the curriculum, bringing news into the classroom to teach a wide range of subjects.  Top news stories are written by journalists experienced at explaining complex issues in a thought-provoking and exiting way.  Learnnewsdesk includes not only daily news articles but also quizzes and children�s contributions to bring the news alive.

Sign up for a free trial at, or call 020 7713 4059 or email for further information.

Learnthings is a registered Content Provider and Retailer for DfES eLearning Credits.


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