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ABC Desks Limited

TidyArm� Desks from ABC Desks are innovative desking systems that let you use your IT resources when needed whilst quickly freeing your desktop space when required. Equipment remains safe and secure at all times. TidyArm� Desks are designed to work, built to last!

What should you look for when considering ICT classroom refurbishment?

Help with room planning and desk layout to make the best use of space?
Help choosing the best desk designs for your ICT room?
Freedom to choose your IT supplier or utilise existing hardware?

ABC Desks' Aim is:

�To provide high quality, innovative, well engineered products tailored to the specific needs and rigours of the educational sector, consistent with best value and a fair price�

Customers expressed the following key requirements:

  •  Operate in multi-functional ways with or without ICT
  • Be resistant to theft and damage
  • Rugged yet smart appearance
  • Zero maintenance yet inherently safe
  • Flexible to change with prevailing technology and unrestricted choice of IT supplier
  • Available in various styles and size permutations to enable best use of space with     modular connectivity 

The TidyArm� range of desks meets all of the above. This has been achieved by keeping the design simple whilst adhering to sound engineering principles.

Stay in control of ICT investment. We tailor to any choice of existing or new hardware providing existing CRT monitors are replaced by flat panel monitors.

Mouse and keyboard have built in storage areas so they can easily be stowed away, creating an almost clear desktop for non IT sessions.

The TidyArm� can be swung to the side providing unrestricted forward vision in a simple move. Designed to pass clearly over the mouse and keyboard there is no need to stow them unnecessarily.

Our new LapDesk� is the perfect answer for securing classroom laptops. Our latest range of desks provide further options and layouts. The full range can be seen on our website.

All our desks come with a five year guarantee and are certified to international standard BS EN 527 for stability, mechanical strength and safety. We 'built it for a prison, then made it twice as strong'.

Try one! We offer a FREE Demonstration. Let us work with you to produce an economic, yet attractive solution to your needs!

Phone: 08456 440 556 Email: [email protected]

Fax: 08456 440 336 Website:

abc desks

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