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Naace is a Registered Charity No. 1060683.
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  • Provides friendly, face-to-face and online ICT training for schools
  • Has successfully trained over 40,000 school staff nationwide in the use of ICT
  • Is providing DfES CPD in the use of ICT in Art and Geography at Key Stage Three through the innovative
  • Provides a time and paper-saving solution for your school � an mPowerNet school intranet is for you

Are you looking to use ICT more effectively across the curriculum? 

mPowerNet provides support in:

  • Using ICT in Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Foundation Subjects in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Using Control Technology and Datalogging equipment
  • Using interactive whiteboards to improve teaching and learning
  • Curriculum planning to integrate ICT into lessons across subjects

Are you a senior manager in a school?

mPowerNet provides support in:

  • PowerPoint presentations for staff, parents, governors and external agencies
  • Effective use of Excel spreadsheets
  • Word-processing and desktop processing
  • Internet and e-mail
  • File management and setting-up electronic folders
  • Using the DfES Interactive Autumn Package

What our customers say...
�Quality of training and organization and preparation of training sessions has been excellent.  The training has had a significant impact on teaching and learning in the school.�
Water Lane School, Harlow, Essex

�We have found the mPowerNet tutors to be friendly, supportive and very understanding of teachers� needs, as they have bee teachers themselves.� 
William McGregor School, Tamworth Staffs


Author: Dave Smith Assistant Marketing Director

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mPowerNet website

mPowerTeach online CPD for KS3 Art and Geography

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