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Naace is a Registered Charity No. 1060683.
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Services to members

Naace Services

Naace provides a range of services to its members:

Naace publications promote the creative and effective use of ICT in education. We produce the journal 'Computer Education' 3 times a year for all of our members. Primary and Advisory members also receive a termly publication 'Primary Focus'

Conferences, Events and Continuing Professional Development
Naace promotes the professional development of members by organising regional and national conferences.  The conferences are well established events in the ICT calendar and attract members, sponsors and government representatives. Naace also supports regional groupings of its members.


Consultation and Representation
Naace engages in regular consultation between members and DfES, the Welsh Assembly, agencies in Northern Ireland and Scotland, Ofsted, QCA, TTA, Becta, BESA and other national bodies including other professional associations. Where appropriate THINK TANKS invite members to discuss matters of current importance to produce advice for members and responses to consultation papers. Naace also consults with other organisations, including manufacturers of computer hardware, software and other resources supporting ICT developments in education and as appropriate, with the Naace sponsors. 


The Website
The Website is a useful source of information, support and advice, through which members and Sponsoring Partners can find information about: CPD opportunities, events and conferences; the Naacemark Quality Assurance scheme; publications, the newsletter, consultation responses and Naace position papers; Naace, its Board of Management, the Executive Committee and Officers; Sponsoring Partners and sponsorship and Classroom resources.

A new addition is the Naace Members' Register of Interests currently available to members only, which allows members to share their skills skills and specialities to other members. 


Naace Newsletter
Naace distributes a weekly Newsletter to members and sponsoring partners via email every Friday. This unique support service keeps members up to date with current issues and enables the Naace Board of Management to canvass opinion on matters of national importance very quickly.

The newsletter is issued during school terms. If you have any items you would like to be considered for the newsletter, please email them to  thank you!


Email Talk Lists
Members are able to contact each other and committee members very easily via talklists. This enables members to provide mutual support and advice and to influence the way in which they are represented.



A podcasting service is now available to members, keeping them up-to-date with the latest ICT educational news.


Quality Assurance 

Naace initiated and established a comprehensive Quality Assurance Scheme (the Naacemark) for schools and ICT service providers, to promote quality ICT provision in schools and to assist in the establishment of high standards in ICT support services for education


The Association's Aims
Naace is the professional association for those who are concerned with advancing education through the appropriate use of information and communications technology. The association was...
Naace Strategic Plan
Naace produces a strategic plan to guide its activities over a three year period. This plan is reviewed, updated and extended on a yearly basis by the Executive and the officers of the...
Contact details
If you have any comments or queries about our website you can contact us by using any of the methods stated...
Naace Annual Report 2006
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Copyright Notice
All information, text, data and images on this website are the copyright of Naace, except where otherwise noted. Pages of the website that are publicly viewable may be copied and used for...
Naace Achievements 2006/2007
This year Naace has worked successfully in several key strategic areas by: � strengthening the Association�s...


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