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Naace is a Registered Charity No. 1060683.
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The Association's Aims

Advancing Education through ICT

Naace is the professional association for those who are concerned with advancing education through the appropriate use of information and communications technology.

The association was established in 1984 and has become the key influential professional association for those working in ICT in Education.


Provides information, support, professional development and networking opportunities to those involved in any way in the use of information and communications technology in education

Advises national and local bodies on matters relating to information and communications technology in education

Is involved in the development and evolution of national strategies for information and communications technology in schools and colleges and provides a forum for consultation on all matters relating to information and communications technology in education

Advises organisations concerned with the production of computer hardware, software and learning resources in support of information and communications technology in education

What do the letters 'N a a c e' stand for?

Originally the letters stood for 'National Association of Advisors for Computers in Education'. NAACE merged with MAPE and CEG in January 2004 and more recently in 2005 with ACITT so we now have a broader membership with teachers, lecturers, consultants, inspectors and other ICT leaders in our membership in addition to Advisors. We use 'Naace' to describe all of our membership - not only advisers, and not only computers!    


Services to members
Naace provides a range of services to its members: PublicationsNaace publications promote the creative and...
Naace Strategic Plan
Naace produces a strategic plan to guide its activities over a three year period. This plan is reviewed, updated and extended on a yearly basis by the Executive and the officers of the...
Contact details
If you have any comments or queries about our website you can contact us by using any of the methods stated...
Naace Annual Report 2006
Naace Annual Report 2005
Naace Annual Report 2004
Copyright Notice
All information, text, data and images on this website are the copyright of Naace, except where otherwise noted. Pages of the website that are publicly viewable may be copied and used for...
Naace Achievements 2006/2007
This year Naace has worked successfully in several key strategic areas by: � strengthening the Association�s...


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