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Bursary Research Paper - Reg Eyre

Planning for and Implementing ICT in the Primary School
A study of the organisation, implementation, planning and evaluation of ICT in primary classrooms for subject teaching

Reg Eyre, University College Northampton, 2002

This report has been undertaken, financed and supported by Naace through the Bill Tagg Bursary scheme. I would like to acknowledge the help and support provided by the Naace committee, the tutors at Nottingham Trent University and Dr Richard Rose of University College Northampton who kept me thinking about how I was going to write and present this report. I also wish to thank all the teachers in the UCN-Schools Partnership for completing questionnaires and helping with the collection of evidence presented here.


Research Questions:
� How does teachers� planning, organisation, implementation and evaluation of ICT differ for different resource situations?
� Does the emphasis change from using ICT to teach subjects to ICT capability when the ICT resource is greater?


This report is a study in which I tried to relate quantity of ICT resource to practice in the use of ICT in primary schools. This was to be an extension of work already undertaken in this area from a previous project. To comply with the conditions of the Bill Tagg Bursary it had to take a very different approach to the previous study. A survey of equipment levels in the UCN-Schools Partnership was undertaken to gauge the equipment levels and practice in primary schools, as well as being the mechanism to identify schools where in-depth interviews could take place. These interviews were then analysed to show how equipment levels, planning, organisation, implementation and teaching happened in these schools.

A general set of findings is then related to recent research and other publications. The final conclusion is that planning for ICT resources is mostly haphazard and that the use of these resources is an attempt to implement the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority�s (QCA) scheme of work for ICT capability. Thinking by teachers about the use of these ICT resources for subject teaching appears to come at a later date. To help ICT Advisers see the overall conclusions for themselves, an overall summary chart is provided.



Research Paper

Summary Sheet

Author: Reg Eyre


The Bill Tagg Bursary
This Naace bursary was set up in memory of the first Professional Officer of Naace, Bill Tagg. Bill had an abiding passion for the use of ICT and its impact on teaching and...
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