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2004/05 Bill Tagg Award Winners

The 2004/5 Award Winners were:

  • Hendrik Ball
  • John Wasteney
  • Martin Torjussen
  • Mark Hickson
  • Helen Constable

Hendrik Ball of Digitalsavvy Ltd

was awarded a Bill Tagg bursary to carry out a piece of action research within a single primary school to find out how best to implement the digital technologies which now enable Digital Video to be captured in schools. The aim was to try and establish what is needed to embed creative use of Digital Video techniques into the everyday curriculum.

Hendrik spent 24 years at the BBC as a producer and director of educational television programmes.



Mark Hickson and Helen Constable of PriorITas

were awarded the Bill Tagg Award to investigate Digital Video in Primary Education with specific reference to two questions:

1. Does the cost and specification of the digital video equipment used in primary schools impact on learning and the creative process? 
2. Can the use of digital video be justifiably mapped onto the current National Curriculum for KS2?

An article was published in 'Primary Focus on Creativity and Challenge' p 28 (Helen Williams) in Summer 2005 and a presentation given to the Naace Conference in March 2005.



John Wasteney of Leicestershire LEA

The focus for John's research was the investigation of �Voting systems� in key stage 2 and key stage 3 as a means raising achievement across the curriculum. This focus was derived from anecdotal evidence, gained from a variety of disparate sources, as to the effectiveness of this technology to engage and increase motivation of students of all abilities. John believes that most schools will use this resource creatively to support assessment for learning strategies.

Please download John's research by click on the attachment on this page 


Martin Torjussen of Seaford Primary School

The proposed aim of the project was to determine the pedagogical outcomes derived the provision of interactive whiteboards and other ICT equipment throughout the school. The evaluation was centred on teaching methodologies, classroom dynamics, teacher/children interaction and the practice of learning.

How would the transformation in environment from a fixed computer suite act as a catalyst for changing thinking processes in the classroom? Would the application of new technologies promote reflexivity amongst staff and would it affect the children�s investment in the school and their own learning?


John Wasteney


The Bill Tagg Bursary
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2003/04 Bill Tagg Award Winners
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