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Naace Learning Platforms Toolkits/CPD guides Working Seminar

Transformed Education project working seminar delivers insights:

The working seminar was convened to look at the 'CPD toolkits' being worked up by the six Naace members commissioned to do this work, and to guide how this should be taken forward. The 28 people who attended did indeed bring diverse experience from their roles in schools, advisory/consultancy work, RBCs, LAs, and in working for sponsoring partner companies.

A strong consensus emerged from the meeting that we need an overall 'landscape' of CPD to address how to transform education, with teachers and schools able to choose the most appropriate routes and modules to suit their stage of school development and their educational ethos.

This is the start of a very big task, as using learning platforms is only one of the ways in which ICT can be implemented to enable/support transformed education (see The idea of creating 'tools' (paper and digital) to help users interact with information and resources was also well received.

Between now and the end of April the work will be refined and it will then be put on the future-learning website for members to consider and to comment on.


Comments from the day included:

"The opportunity to network with people from a wide variety of educational environments and the feeling that this was a development that would be of great future importance, were both highly valued."

"A good opportunity to consider further and learn more about learning platforms, transformed learning and what this will mean."

"gained knowledge from a diverse group of people with strong, interesting opinions to share."



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