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Past Event for Independent Members

In the Marketplace

In the Market Place

was the Naace CPD event led by Roger Broadie on Tuesday 10th May 2005.  This was an event run for members providing consultancy, companies who need to use the services of consultants, and people thinking of becoming independent consultants.  It attracted a good mix of LEA advisors and consultants, teachers, former Becta employees, existing independent consultants and sponsoring partners.

Evaluation comments following the day included:

Really useful�

�Great networking opportunity�

�It gave me almost everything I needed to know � and now I have a list of who to contact to find out the rest�

�I�m not sure if I�m more or less scared after today � but at least I know that I can survive, and I�ve met people who can help me�

Roger started by setting the context of the business landscape in which consultants make their living, posing provocative questions about the skills on offer by prospective consultants, and possible sources of income.  His presentation was supplemented by comment and analysis invited by Roger from the delegates, who had much to add from their broad and varied knowledge base and range of experiences. 

There followed two excellent presentations from sponsors � SMART was represented by Shahina Burnett and Jonathan Wells came from Sam Learning.  They explained how their respective companies work and detailed what qualities and experience they are looking for in the consultants they employ or contract.

After lunch Nina Woodcock from Becta gave a presentation that dealt with Public Sector consultancy, and Public Framework agreements/contracts.  She explained what these are, gave a translation of the associated acronyms and provided a clear description of the bidding process.  Issues for sole traders and small organisations, including the requirements that qualify them to tender (such as contract management processes and QA procedures) were also covered.

Following Nina�s presentation Roger went in detail through the pros and cons of setting up as a sole trader, a loose grouping of associates, a small company, or joining a large company.  He covered business, structures, revenue and expenses.  On-costs were covered in detail, with many contributions form the delegates. 

Finally we heard from Roger about �all that Admin Stuff�.
We started with insurance issues � PII and PLI (Professional Indemnity Insurance and Professional Liability insurance) and went on to methods of marketing, QA processes and much more.

Roger is exploring how Naace can put together a �pack� following this event containing what consultants in the marketplace need to know. The intention is that this will include the presentations from the CPD event, handouts, exemplar materials, guidance sheets, information from companies that need to commission consultants and more - possibly being a service which is regularly updated. 

If you did not manage to get to the event and are interested in getting access to the 'pack', please email Roger at and he will ensure you are kept up to date with development of this pack and offered to chance to obtain it when it is available.



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