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The Becta Self-review Framework and ICT Mark


The Naacemark for Schools has now migrated to the ICT Mark for Schools, a new scheme based on the Becta ICT Self-review Framework. Full details of the new scheme, supported by Naace, Becta, and other agencies, can be found at


There are now nearly 700 schools across 128 LEAs that have achieved the ICT Mark.

The Becta Self-review framework identifies a range of criteria across 5 levels, and in 8 elements. The elements are:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Curriculum
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment
  • Professional Development
  • Resources
  • Extended learning
  • Impact on pupil outcomes.

Each element is divided into Aspects, and strands. A school can therefore work on one or more of the elements at any one time, with the work being shared within the school.

The self-review framework is an electronic tool, accessible from .

Each element has its own section, and a school can register online to allow them to record their progress through the process.

At each statement there is the opportunity to record a commentary - the evidence that justifies why they think they are at that level.

The threshold levels for the ICT Mark are indicated on the tool, and when a school meets the threshold across all elements they can register for the ICT Mark.

The ICT Mark is an optional accreditation, valid for three years, and assessed on site by a qualified ICT Mark Assessor. Naace is responsible for the training and quality assurance of all assessors, and for the administration of the mark.

All assessor details are on the website, and a school can select an assessor themselves, or ask Naace to choose one.

The cost to schools is:

Small (less than 100 pupils) - �400

Medium (100 or more pupils) - �500

Secondary - �600

The assessment does not rely on the collation of large amounts of paperwork. It is based on a review of 2 or 3 of the elements, and discussions with staff, pupils, governors, and others to determine whether the school's self evaluation is accurate.

This is an exciting development - never before, and for no other subject area, have we had a united definition of what a good school looks like, and the steps a school must take to get there. All Naace members should become involved!



Naace, the Becta Self-review Framework, and the ICT Mark
Naace delivers the ICT Mark on behalf of its partner, Becta. The ICT Mark is the optional accreditation for those schools deemed "good", having carried out the Becta Self-review Framework. Further information can be found following the links below.
Documents for ICT Mark Assessors
A series of supporting documents for ICT Mark Assessors working with schools.
Documents for Lead Assessors
Documents and guidance for lead assessors, working to moderate assessments.
Downloadable documents from Naace about the ICT Mark
A series of leaflets and booklets to promote and advise schools and others about the ICT Mark
Fast Track Assessment Guidance
Documents relating to offers of Fast Track assessments, applicable to some ICT Register schools, SLICT host schools, Naace institutional members, and schools nominated by ICT Mark Assessors.
Guidance for Schools on ICT Mark processes
A range of downloadable documents to support schools in the process of ICT Mark assessment.


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