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Naace is a Registered Charity No. 1060683.
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Documents for ICT Mark Assessors


Assessment Process Diagram

Assessor's Code of Practice

Blank school assessment form

Buy-back and Service Level Agreements

Contact Details form

Criteria for Continuing Registration

Example school assessment report

Guidance on carrying out assessments

Guidance to Lead Assessors on moderating assessmen

ICT Mark Assessors Update 23rd February, 2007

ICT Mark Assessors Update, 16th February, 2007

ICT Mark Assessors Update, 16th March, 2007

ICT Mark Assessors Update, 16th May, 2007

ICT Mark Assessors Update, 18th May, 2007

Moderated assessment recording sheet


Naace, the Becta Self-review Framework, and the ICT Mark
Naace delivers the ICT Mark on behalf of its partner, Becta. The ICT Mark is the optional accreditation for those schools deemed "good", having carried out the Becta Self-review Framework. Further information can be found following the links below.
Documents for Lead Assessors
Documents and guidance for lead assessors, working to moderate assessments.
Downloadable documents from Naace about the ICT Mark
A series of leaflets and booklets to promote and advise schools and others about the ICT Mark
Fast Track Assessment Guidance
Documents relating to offers of Fast Track assessments, applicable to some ICT Register schools, SLICT host schools, Naace institutional members, and schools nominated by ICT Mark Assessors.
Guidance for Schools on ICT Mark processes
A range of downloadable documents to support schools in the process of ICT Mark assessment.
The Becta Self-review Framework and ICT Mark
The Becta Self-review Framework enables schools to review their ICT against a range of criteria, and to take steps towards improvement. The ICT Mark, managed by Naace, defines what "good" looks like against the self-review framework.


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