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Naace is a Registered Charity No. 1060683.
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About Sponsorship

Annual Exhibition

Naace is in partnership with over 110 educational ICT companies who provide financial support to enable the association to function effectively. These are larger companies and organisations such as Microsoft and the BBC and also smaller companies - all of which can benefit from our services as well as opportunities to network with each other.

All of our Sponsoring Partners share Naace's objectives and are concerned to see that information and communications technology is used effectively and creatively in education.

Naace greatly values the financial support from sponsorship, which enables us to function more effectively and to undertake many activities designed to improve the practice and use of ICT.


Supports the Association in both the day-to-day and strategic conduct of business in line with its constitution and aims


Enables the Association to represent its members in consultation with government, government agencies, local authorities, commercial organisations and sponsors


Funds developmental activities such as training, production of professional resources, conferences, symposia and publicity campaigns, where such activities are to the mutual concern of the Association and its sponsors


 Encourages and improves a flow of information between members and sponsors at the Annual Conference


Provides access to advice and help for sponsors


Confirms the sponsor as a company or organisation as a concerned and professional partner in the network of key players developing the use of ICT in education


Allows ideas from members and sponsors to contribute to activities of joint concern


Please note as a matter of policy Naace does not endorse particular products, services or organisations.

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Becoming a Sponsoring Partner

Current List of Sponsors


How to become a Sponsor
The key benefits for Sponsoring Partners of becoming a Naace sponsor and further details on how to become a Sponsoring Partner.
Sponsors - Latest News
Find out what products and services our Sponsoring Partners are currently working on. Read about news, offers, courses etc....
Sponsors Day Presentations
This page hosts the presentations from Monday 10th July's Sponsors Day event held in London. These presentations are available to download by clicking on the name of the...


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